Dentegra will be continually innovating and introducing new individual dental plans you can customize to fit your specific needs.

About Us

We’re all about simple, affordable, quality insurance that you can tailor to meet your own situation — and you don’t have to work for a big company to get it:

Fresh out of school, starting your own gig?


Exiting the rat race to do things on your own terms?


Going to work for a small company where you can make a difference and really love what you do?



It’s a whole new world out there. We know yesterday’s dental insurance isn’t what everyone needs today, so we’re changing the game to be more in line with the times:

  • Our Basic Plan is simple and easy-to-understand. We know that’s what you expect and all you have time for.

  • Your time is precious. You can do pretty much everything online: getting a quote, signing up for new benefits, or managing the details.

Quality is still a priority. We’ll trim the amount of time you need to spend, we’ll cut down the cost, but we won’t cut quality. Our network of dentists is as good as they come. Period.