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Your smile is unlike any other (and that’s a good thing!).

That’s why we’re focused on providing dental insurance coverage that’s affordable, easy to buy and simple to use. Whether you need a health care marketplace plan or a traditional Dentegra Basic plan, we’ve got it right here. It’s all the good stuff – plus a top-notch network of dentists.

Dentegra Dental Insurance

Basic Plan

Our Basic Plan offers the basic, diagnostic and preventive benefits most people are asking for. This plan is a solid value that gives you access to our large network of excellent dentists. Learn more >

Dentegra Dental Insurance

Health Care Marketplace Plans

Our health care marketplace plans offer individuals value without sacrificing benefits. Find out what kind of Dentegra PPO coverage is available on your state or federal exchange. Learn more >

Dentegra dental insurance costs in perspective: it really is a good deal

You’re a smart person: you made it this far, which means you’re considering getting dental insurance and you’re trying to be sure it makes sense for you. You’re doing the math to see if the benefits and cost balance out, or if it makes more sense to take your chances and pay out of pocket if something unexpected comes up. Fair enough.

Take a look at “Why Dental Insuranceand you’ll see how the Dentegra Basic Plan can save you up to $160/year compared with paying out-of-pocket for the dental services most people would use in a year.

With all the buzz around rising insurance costs, it’s easy to lump dental insurance in with everything else and assume it’s all overpriced.  There are some big differences though: with medical insurance the potential downside is so expensive that almost nobody can afford the risk of not being insured; and because it’s so focused on this “worst case scenario,” medical insurance premiums can be really high as a result. While medical coverage focuses more on treatment, dental coverage is mostly about prevention. Keeping your mouth in good shape holds costs down and makes dental insurance more affordable. While medical insurance costs have risen over 114% in the past 10 years1, dental insurance costs have risen much more slowly2.  While the average cost of medical insurance now tops $15,000 per year3, Dentegra’s Basic Plan for dental insurance costs on average less than $400 per year. We’re not even playing in the same league.

Taking all that into account, let’s see how inflation has affected so many of our life “essentials” and how they stack up against the excellent value of Dentegra dental insurance: 


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5 Dentegra Basic Plan dental insurance average annual cost across all regions

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