You have options

Your smile is unlike any other — and that’s a good thing! That's why we're focused on providing individual dental plans that are affordable, easy to buy and simple to use.

To give you more flexibility when choosing, we offer two options: Dentegra Smile Savings —a non-insurance plan where you pay for dental services directly at a discount—and Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) Plans. If you're not sure of the difference between insurance plans and discount plans, you can find more information on each below.

Dentegra Dental Insurance

Dentegra Smile Savings

By signing up for our dental savings plan, you can receive up to 15% - 50% off your dental services from providers in our network. An alternative to insurance, our dental savings plan offers simplicity and ease through a flat-rate annual membership. Learn more >

Dentegra Dental Insurance

Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) Plans

Our Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) plans offer individuals value without sacrificing benefits. Find out what kind of Dentegra PPO coverage is available on your state or federal exchange. Learn more >

Recommend Your Dentist for Dentegra

Let us know if your current dentist is not in the Dentegra network. We’ll provide him or her with great reasons to join Dentegra. Simply email your dentist’s name, address and phone number to us, or use this handy form (be sure to download it first, then fill it out, save it and attach it to your email).