Group plans

Replacing the bottle in your office water cooler is tricky to master, but choosing a dental benefits plan doesn’t need to be.

Dentegra’s affordable, value-based dental plans and large dentist network will keep your employees’ teeth sparkling – no heavy lifting required – leaving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Dentegra® Dental PPO

We understand that to be productive, your company needs healthy employees. That’s why Dentegra Dental PPO offers the comprehensive diagnostic and preventive coverage your employees need to maintain their oral health.

Business-friendly features

Dentegra’s group plans come with a variety of business-friendly features that make it easy for you to manage your employees’ dental coverage, including:

  • Online billing and reconciliation process: Easily manage payments online, track payment history and download current and past invoices.
  • Eligibility management application: Quickly add new employees or locate existing employees’ enrollment history, dependents and eligibility.
  • Online coverage and benefits information: Access details about your plan to help employees understand their coverage.
  • Find a dentist tool: Help employees locate a dentist near their home or workplace.

Health Care Exchange (Marketplace)

Choosing a dental plan for your business can’t get any easier than this. Go to to see if we offer SHOP plans in your state. With the signing of the PACE Act by President Obama in October 2015, the definition of a small business is defined as those with up to 50 employees. If you have a business with 51 to 100 employees, you no longer are required to purchase group health coverage mandated by the ACA. If you would like to purchase a dental benefits package that meets all requirements of the ACA, look no further.

Please note: Some states have decided to change their definition of a small business to up to 100 employees, so you may still be able to purchase a Dentegra SHOP plan if you are in one of those states.