Why Dental Insurance

You could just roll the dice. Or not.

Most Americans who get insurance choose to make medical insurance their top priority, and that makes good sense. Given the high potential cost of an emergency room visit or something serious and unexpected, it makes good sense to have medical coverage just in case.

When it comes to dental insurance, most people look at things a bit differently: they assume nothing major will happen and then they do a simple cost calculation based on that assumption. Most of us will total up the cost of two exams, two cleanings, X-rays, a filling or two—and then compare that to the annual cost of dental insurance. If the insurance costs less, then we do it: no brainer. If the insurance costs more, then a lot of us will chance it: plan to pay out-of-pocket and hope nothing major happens. Frankly, it’s not a bad way to think about it.

The “no-brainer” side of it is easy: if your dental insurance costs less per year than the basic dental service you expect to use, then it’s a pretty good idea to get the insurance:

Annual Cost Comparison

Still not convinced? If you figure the out-of-pocket costs are going to be less than the cost of insurance, you can take your chances; but you might also want to think about a few things:

  • It can cost less than you think. Since you’re here, you’re obviously shopping around: Dentegra’s coverage costs less than you’re probably paying for your daily coffee1. And if your morning caffeine jolt is worth the price, your teeth probably are too, right? Come on, you get 20 coffees a month: how many sets of teeth do you get?
  • Dental health affects overall health. It’s not a stretch to make a connection between dental health and your overall well-being. Your body’s just one big system, really. It might interest you to know poor oral health can lead to high blood sugar2 and can be a cause of respiratory ailments like pneumonia3. There’s also a high correlation between bad gums and diabetes, clogged arteries, stroke, and heart disease2. Bottom line: is this a place you want to cut corners? Get yourself some good dental insurance (like Dentegra), keep your mouth in good working order and keep smiling for years to come.

Dental insurance is a good idea as long as the price is right, you get to see high quality dentists and the whole process is pretty straightforward. That’s what we’re all about: simplicity, affordability and quality. Talk about painless dental care.

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4 Actual costs may vary based on services provided, dentist selected, dentist location, enrollee residence and number of dependents.