Paying For Your Dental Plan

Billing and Paying Your Premium

You’ll have the options when you apply to pay your premium monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually by either electronic fund transfers (EFT) or credit card. Check payments are also accepted, but can only be made annually. Like any other bill, the premium is due on or before its due date. Save time by setting up recurring payments online.

Changing Your Payment Options

Log in, email or call us toll-free at 877-280-4204 during regular business hours (7 AM to 8 PM ET) to change your payment options.  

Late Payments

If your payment is not paid on time, a late notice will be sent. You will then have 31 days to make your payment. If after the 31 days, a payment is still not made, your Policy will be terminated. If you pay the full premium due within 60 days of the date of the past due premium, you’ll be reinstated with no break in coverage. Check out your Policy for more details.