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Q. How can I get a practice management system that works with most insurance carriers?

A. Some helpful tips include:

  • Make sure your system supports your current office workflow, helps you replace paper records and manual steps with electronic files and processes and has room for growth
  • Ask each software vendor which electronic transactions (e.g., eligibility check, claim submission, claim status, electronic remittance and attachments) can be sent from the system
  • Verify that transactions are sent in HIPAA-compliant electronic formats
  • Check out the details of how transactions are sent to any insurance carriers you work with, either directly or through a clearinghouse; is real-time processing possible with the software?
  • Make sure you understand how communications from insurance carriers are handled (e.g., receipt acknowledgement, errors and status transactions)
  • Be sure to compare all the costs between vendors, especially the electronic transaction costs

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Practice Management Software Vendors

Open Dental Software

The following vendor offers the ability to send attachments electronically such as digital X-rays, along with claims submissions:

Application Service Providers

An application service provider (ASP) is a web-based practice management software that allows you to run your practice, including electronic claims submissions, on its hosted systems.

E-Claims Service Providers

The following companies provide 'stand-alone' electronic claims solutions. These solutions allow you to submit all of your insurance claims electronically and provide your office with the benefits of using EDI (electronic data interchange) without having to invest in a complete practice management solution.

  • Trojan Professional Services, Inc (stand-alone electronic claims software)

Tesia-PCI Clearinghouse

  • Tesia-PCI Clearinghouse (clearinghouse and stand-alone electronic claims)

Secure EDI

  • Secure EDI (direct data entry system — submit claims and check eligibility for multiple payers)

The web sites and vendors listed are for information only. Dentegra Insurance Company does not endorse or guarantee any web sites, vendors or companies. The vendors listed have demonstrated the ability to send electronic claims and/or digital attachments to Dentegra.