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How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health Pregnancy brings many changes to a woman’s body, including her oral health. Here are some things to know to prevent pregnancy-related oral health problems.
Nine Oral Health Reasons to Quit Smoking You know that smoking increases the risk of cancer and lung disease, but did you know that many oral health problems can also be caused by smoking?
Your Oral Health: Diet Do’s and Don’ts Food is the fuel that keeps your body fit and functioning, but what you eat can also contribute to better oral health or encourage tooth decay.
Mouth-Body Connection More Mouth-Body Connection >
Stress, Anxiety? Tell Your Dentist! You can do it all. So what’s the big deal if it all takes a toll on your stress and anxiety levels?
Diabetics Can Defend Their Fortress! A major part of the battle for your overall well being is holding the line on good dental health, so it’s critical to defend your fortress.
Exactly What’s on Your Toothbrush? Did you know the amount of bacteria in your mouth is close to the total population of the entire earth? And, a lot of the bacteria can end up on your toothbrush.
Add a Toothbrush to Your Power Lunch Can’t stand that colleague with the skunk-like breath every afternoon? Blame it on the tooth brushing that’s not happening between the a.m. coffee buzz and the evening commute.
Oral Health Party Guests Sometimes, keeping track of oral health “invited guests” vs. “party crashers” can be overwhelming. Here’s a brief rundown of who’s who to help you keep your smile healthy.