Start Smiling! Helpful Tips for Dentegra Dental PPO Health Care Marketplace Enrollees

Did you sign up for a Dentegra dental plan through a federal or state marketplace? Have questions about your enrollment or your next steps? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you get started using your plan — so you can stop worrying and start smiling.

Q. I signed up for a dental plan on the exchange but haven’t received a confirmation. How do I know if I’m enrolled?

A. It can take up to 10 business days from when you signed up for us to process your enrollment. Once you’re set up in our system, we’ll send your enrollment confirmation by email or mail. You also can confirm your enrollment using our Check Your Enrollment feature on our website.

Q. Can I check my invoice and benefits online?

A. Yes. You’ll just need to set up an account. Go to, select “Log In/Register” on the top right, then choose “Register Today.” You will be asked for your Dentegra enrollee ID number. If you haven’t received that yet, try entering your Social Security number (SSN) or exchange ID. (If you can’t create an account with your SSN or exchange ID, we’re still processing your enrollment. Try again in a few days.)

Q. I need to pay for my dental coverage, but I don’t see anywhere to do that online, and/or I haven’t received a bill.

A. If you haven’t yet paid for your coverage, we’ll mail you an invoice once we process your enrollment. Once you receive an invoice, you can pay at, by check or over the phone. We recommend you set up Autopay through your online account or by phone so you don’t miss any future payments. IMPORANT: Your initial payment is for one month of coverage.

Q. Can I use my dental benefits before I pay my invoice?

A. Sorry, no — we need to confirm your payment before your benefits take effect. Once we have your payment, you’re all set to go on or after your effective date.

Q. Where can I find a Dentegra network dentist?

A. Visit and select “Find a Dentist.” You can search by city, state, ZIP code, dentist name, practice name or keyword (e.g., “periodontist,” “orthodontist” or other specialty).

Q. Do I have to visit a Dentegra network dentist?

A. Nope! You can visit any licensed dentist under your Dentegra PPO plan. To pay the lowest out-of-pocket costs, we recommend that you select a network dentist. Dentegra dentists will submit claims for you so you don’t have to and won’t charge additional fees above our contracted rates. It’s that simple.

There’s another reason to go to a Dentegra PPO dentist. Out-of-pocket costs for children (typically up to age 19, but age may vary by state) accumulate toward an annual out-of-pocket maximum, after which the child receives a 100% benefit for all covered services, but only if services are provided by a Dentegra PPO dentist. In Texas, there is a separate out-of-pocket maximum for visiting out-of-network dentists.

Q. How do I change network dentists?

A. You don’t need to notify us if you choose to switch dentists. As a Dentegra PPO enrollee, you’re free to visit any licensed dentist and still receive benefits, although you potentially will have lower out-of-pocket costs when you choose a Dentegra dentist.

Q. I can’t create an online account. Why not?

A. If you recently signed up for Dentegra, we may still be processing your enrollment (it can take up to 10 business days). Try again in a few days. If it’s been longer than 10 days, contact us for help at

Q. Why didn’t I get an ID card?

A. You don’t need an ID card to use your plan. Just let your dental office know that you’re covered by Dentegra, Dentegra, provide your birth date and enrollee ID or SSN, and the office can contact us to verify your enrollment. Want one for your records anyway? Create an online account at and print one online, show the dental office your electronic ID card from your smartphone, or you may receive a cutout ID card with your confirmation letter.


Still have questions? Please email or call us (toll-free):

All states (except Colorado): (800) 471-0284
Colorado enrollees only: (800) 471-8095