Get Assistance in a Language Other than English

If you need assistance in a language other than English, Dentegra can help.

Dentegra’s Language Assistance Program (LAP) provides language assistance to Dentegra enrollees with limited proficiency in English.

LAP services include:

  • Dentegra website in Spanish
  • Customer Service phone assistance in more than 170 languages
  • Professional interpretive services to help you communicate with your dentist
  • Written materials in non-English languages and other accessible formats
  • Dentist directories that include the self-reported languages of contracted dentists and staff who speak languages other than English

Interpretation through a trained and certified interpreter is preferable to interpretation through friends or family. Dentegra can arrange for interpretive services at no cost to you.

If you are having trouble communicating with your dentist, call Dentegra and we will arrange for a qualified interpreter to help you via telephone.

Dentegra telephone numbers for interpretive services: 877-280-4204

Marketplace and Exchange Plans:

  • General number: 800-471-0284
  • Colorado only: (800) 471-8095

Dentegra can also schedule face-to-face interpretive services at your dentist’s office; just call Dentegra’s Customer Service Department 72 hours before the appointment.

Language Assistance Program contact information (PDF)