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Frequently asked questions

Dentegra Smile Club

Frequently asked questions


Dentegra Smile Club is a membership-based program. When you join, you get access to discounted dental prices at any provider within the Dentegra network. To join, visit our home page, scroll down to Interested? then enter your ZIP code and select Check availability.

Already signed up? You can start saving by following these three steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a Dentegra network dentist. Be sure to provide your Smile Club group ID number so the dental office can verify your membership.
  2. Visit the dentist.
  3. Pay the member price for your procedure(s).

Just search our dentist directory. With over 20,000 dentists nationwide in the Dentegra network, you've got a lot of choices in your area.

Smile Club members can take advantage of discounts on hundreds of procedures, including dental exams, x-rays, fillings, crowns and more. If you've got specific dental issues in mind, just pick a dentist and check with the dentist.

Member prices vary by provider, so you'll have to search for a specific provider in the network and check with their office.

The sky is the limit! No, we're serious. Because Dentegra Smile Club isn't insurance, you can get dental treatments whenever you need them, with no restrictions at all.

Nope, you won't find any of that here. Say goodbye to paperwork and simply pay your dentist directly.

The Club is currently only available to California residents.

Membership is 100% free.

Smile Club is just one part of a larger project: To help people get access to dental care. Some people get traditional dental insurance. The Club is here for people who don't have or don't want that option. By offering membership at no cost, we can make sure the Club reaches as many people as possible. And your participation helps: Every time you visit a dentist in the Smile Club network, you're helping our dentist network grow.

About membership

You have to be at least 18 years old to join the Club. Children and teens under 18 can use the group ID number of an adult within the family (or their guardian).

Definitely! Dentegra Smile Club is a great way to access additional dental discounts even if you're already covered under insurance. While you can't apply both your insurance and member discounts at the same time, having both gives you the flexibility to always choose the lowest prices. For example, if you have 100% coverage for cleanings, it would make sense to pay through insurance, but if your insurance doesn't cover implants, the Smile Club member price might give you a better deal. Just make sure to let your dental office know how you want to pay for each procedure.

We've made it easy to add family members to your membership. Your entire household can use the same group ID number of the primary member — you don't need to add each person.

Using the club

Nope! All you need to do is provide the dental office with your group ID number — you should have received it in the confirmation email as part of your sign-up process. If you don’t have a group ID number or can’t find that email, complete the sign-up process again to receive a new confirmation email with the number.

Yes. We've got hundreds of procedures, including cosmetic options like whitening and porcelain veneers. Just make sure that these procedures are available at your dentist.

Nope. The only requirements for taking advantage of our discounts are that you:

  • Are a member of the Club
  • Visit a Dentegra network provider
  • Undergo a listed procedure

It depends. If your dentist is one of the 20,000 nationwide in the Dentegra network, you're all set to go. If not, you'll have to visit a network dentist to access the Smile Club member prices. Not sure if your dentist is in the network? Use the search tool to find out.

We'd love for your dentist to join — just email us with their contact information. In the meantime, you can still access discounts by visiting a dentist in the network.

Account management

You don't need to update us with any changes, just make sure your dentist has your accurate information.

Smile Club is simpler now and you no longer need an online account. If you need the group ID number, just sign up again to receive a confirmation email with the number.

THIS IS NOT INSURANCE and is not intended to replace insurance. The Club is not a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act. The Club membership provides discounts at certain health care providers for dental services. The range of discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and service. The Club does not make payments to the providers of dental services. Club members are obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with Dentegra Insurance Company, 560 Mission Street, Suite 1300, San Francisco, CA 94105;