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Dentegra for providers

For providers

More patients, less paperwork

Grow your practice, not your administrative work.

Join our network

If you're looking for more business, we're looking for you. More than 4.5 million Dentegra patients are searching for providers like you.

Effortless marketing

Enjoy the spotlight with a detailed listing that includes your contact information, hours and more in our Find a dentist directory.

Low-maintenance plans

Simplify your life with our innovative and easy to understand dental plans. Some are such a breeze to work with, they don't even have deductibles or claims.

Dedicated support

Contact our provider-only and customer service support teams anytime. Just visit Contact us and select the Providers tab.


Ready to join?

  1. Email or call 866-238-1580
  2. Complete and return the forms we'll send to you
  3. Watch for a welcome message with your contract's effective date
  4. Ta-da, you're a Dentegra provider!

Already a network provider?

If you're a current provider or dental office staff, here's how to find what you need based on the plans your patients have.  Learn more about common Dentegra plan types.

Members know these plans as dental savings plans or discount plans. Network access plans are not insurance — members pay you directly for services at your contracted Dentegra fees, so you never have to worry about claims, deductibles or maximums. Patients with one of these plans can visit your office as often as they like and pay your contracted fee each time.

Dentegra dental discount – AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan from UnitedHealthcare

Your patients who are seniors covered under these plans from UnitedHealthcare are eligible to pay contracted Dentegra fees when they visit our network providers. To verify their eligibility, all you need is their AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan ID card. 

Smile Savings Plan

Plan members should have their membership ID card from DentalPlans with the Dentegra logo at the top. If they forget their ID card, to verify eligibility, log in to the online Provider Tools, or contact us.

No need to submit claims or track benefits — members of the Smile Savings Plan pay you the discounted fee at the time of service.

Learn more about Smile Savings Plan

Smile Club

If any of your patients indicate that they're a member of the Dentegra Smile Club, check their eligibility by calling Customer Service at 877-280-4204.

If any of your patients purchased a Dentegra plan on the Health Care Exchange (Marketplace), they have a preferred provider organization (PPO) dental insurance plan. To verify eligibility, check benefits or review claims for a patient with a Dentegra PPO plan, log in to the online Provider Tools, or contact us at 888-857-0328.

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Patients who are members of a union plan receive in-network-only benefits as part of their closed-panel exclusive provider benefit (EPB) plan.

To verify eligibility, check benefits, review claims or submit a claim for one of these patients, use the online Provider Tools or contact us at 877-280-4204.

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Time to re-credential? Here are the forms you’ll need. You’ll want to use the standard credentialing form unless your state has specific requirements. But don’t worry. Those states’ forms are here, too.

Language assistance 

If any of your patients need interpretation services or information about Dentegra plans in a language other than English, we provide these services at no cost.