Over 4 million members joined the Dentegra Network Access Program!

As of January 1, 2021, insured members of an AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan from UnitedHealthcare are now automatically members of the Dentegra Network Access Program (which is similar to a discount program).

To use the Dentegra Network Access Program, AARP Medicare Supplement insured members simply show you their AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan ID card. These members pay your Dentegra contracted fee directly to you at the time of service!

  • Members must see a Dentegra network provider.
  • No paperwork, claims or pre-authorizations are necessary.
  • No eligibility verification needed — just ask members to show you their plan ID card.
  • No frequency limitations, deductibles, annual maximums or waiting periods apply.Sample ID card

Are you a provider interested in joining the Dentegra network? Or are you already part of the Dentegra network and need a copy of your contracted fees? Have any questions? Reach out to your Dentegra Network Specialist at 866-238-1580 or send us an email at providerinfo@dentegra.com. If members in your office need more information about how this plan works, please refer them to UnitedHealthcare at 800-523-5800.